The Home Collaboration Years in the Making…

I love candles. It’s not a secret. I love to round up my favorites seasonally, and the cat’s out of the bag about my candle credenza. Lighting a candle just makes everything feel more… homey. I’ve found that they’re a great way to romanticize my rituals — especially in the evenings when I’m going to be reclining for awhile or when I’m cleaning the kitchen. Plus, they make everything feel more moody and glowy.

CLJ x Lightwell HouseWarming Trio

When I started dreaming up a candle collaboration for Chris Loves Julia, I knew I wanted to work with Lightwell Co. They’re a handmade goods company out of Nashville, known for their room-infusing candles and luxurious-smelling soaps. I’ve been buying and gifting their fancy candles and soaps for years. They’ve set the standard when it comes to elegant packaging and sophisticated scents. It was a pinch-me moment to get the opportunity to collaborate with them.

We tinkered with the fragrance for months. I really wanted it to be good scent year-round. I found myself gravitating toward high notes that are woody — cedar and balsam. There’s a note of fig in there as well as hint of coriander and nutmeg. It’s a really warm, musky candle that’s not too sweet. I wanted it to have a lived-in feel — like a home that has a deep well of comfortable memories. We’re calling this collaboration HouseWarming.

The collection with Lightwell actually includes a candle as well as hand wash and hand lotion — all with the same unique, warm home fragrance. I love that we were able to adopt Lightwell’s rich black candle and bottles for this collaboration because it feels so moody and modern. (Shh… there’s a *wink* of copper foil lettering for that extra shine on the candle.)

Chris Loves Julia x Lightwell collaboration: HouseWarming candle, soap and lotion on a marble sink

CLJ x Lightwell HouseWarming Trio | Ceramic Tray

You’re welcome to take the name literally: I intentionally designed our candle and soaps to be a great housewarming gift. Because they feel fancy and special, they make great gifts. But I hope you’ll gift them to yourself as well. The candle and the scent really warm a house, even if you’ve lived there for 10 years.

I’m so happy I got to pour some of who I am into this HouseWarming collection. It’s my hope that collecting little home goods like this feels personal to you, too. That these help you love where you live just a little bit more. And that where you live feels warm and wonderful.

CLJ x Lightwell HouseWarming Trio | Candle Pedestal | Sink Faucet

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