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Like so many people, we put off our main bath renovation for years.  We focused on the areas of the house that “mattered more” and that others got to see and enjoy.  When we first moved in, the bathroom was a bright blue. I painted the walls a creamy white right away, but otherwise we’ve just been living with the space as is for the last seven years.  I always planned to gut the space and give it a whole new life, but when we decided to list our home this spring that changed.  We could have put a lot of work into a full renovation, but we didn’t really have the funds or the capacity to do so.

The rest of the house has been painstakingly renovated, and I wanted to make sure the bathroom could hang at that level.  That meant removing some of what was there (goodbye ginormous box light) and bringing in some beautiful fixtures and styling.  I loved the challenge of finding the beauty in what was already there and bringing in pieces that complemented it.  The natural stone in the shower was something I felt I could work with.  Because of its warmth, I opted for chrome fixtures to balance that out a bit.  Delta’s Faucet’s rain shower head and valve (that cross handle is so good!) from the Cassidy™ Collection really elevate the stone and the mix feels fresh.

I continued with the Cassidy™ Collection from Delta Faucet throughout the space.  The tub faucet and handles make the jetted tub feel more sophisticated and the chrome plays nicely with the creamy finish.  The vanity was an exercise in creativity.  I could have just bought all new, but I liked the idea of salvaging what I could.  The base was in fine condition, but it needed a new top, doors, and drawers.  We had a local cabinet company make new doors and drawers, using a profile that better matched the tub surround.  We had a remnant of stone cut for the top and used sinks that Micah had left over from a commercial job.  Some new hardware and the addition of the Cassidy™ faucets take the vanity up a notch.  They are sleek but classic, and I love how they feel in the hand.  It’s always best to splurge on quality that you can feel when it’s an item you touch with frequency.

Like all projects, I would have loved if we would have done this sooner.  But I remind myself that there’s only so many hours in the day and dollars in the bank.  I’ll enjoy this space while we’re still here, and hope the next owners enjoy the work and beautiful additions we put into it too.

What questions do you have?  I think this is great example that you don’t have to totally change everything to make a big impact and a space you enjoy being in!

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