Is Article Furniture Worth It? My Honest Review

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Furniture shopping is full of challenges. One of the biggest is that most people approach it hoping that two opposing concepts will somehow exist at the same time: Budget-friendliness and ease of shopping.

But in the process of furnishing a space, those two can seem impossible to achieve simultaneously. Keeping a futon from your college days may save you a weekend afternoon at a store, but it might not fit your career-level style. And it may be less of a hassle to keep an old bed frame because you don’t have the patience to measure your room, even if it’s far too small to be comfortable.

Figuring out how to afford your rent or mortgage is tough enough, and planning a room refresh isn’t for the faint of heart, either. But that doesn’t mean that budget-friendly furniture you can shop easily is impossible to find. Particularly if you’re shopping at Article. 

For the last decade, Article has cultivated a reputation in the furniture business as a company that provides modern, minimalist options at reasonable prices. It all started and is still based in Vancouver, Canada, where a group of techies turned design-aficionados are riding a direct-to-consumer wave they helped kick off. 

Does Article furniture have stores?

While there aren’t physical showrooms, Article’s reliable network of warehouses can ship to online shoppers throughout North America in just a few clicks. The company has shipped to more than half a million homes and businesses so far — and counting.

Is Article furniture easy to assemble? 

The difficulty of assembling furniture is relative, and personally, I find it hard. However, should you take the DIY assembly route, Article gives an estimate of how long the assembly process takes for each item, and most come together in under an hour.

Does Article offer delivery and assembly?

Article will deliver your order to your front door as standard practice for $49 as long as you’re within its service area, and the deliverers will come on a scheduled date and time. They’ll even text you when they’re 30 minutes away. A signature isn’t always required if you’re not home, but you may want to call customer service to make sure you’re not in one of the spots where Article trusts a partner to drop off your goods (in which case, a personalized scribble may be needed). You should note, though, that small items and anything under $200 will come by a courier with a $19 shipping fee.

If you don’t want to schlep all the delivery boxes from your front door or stoop into your space, the company offers an in-room service where your order will be placed in the space of your choosing for $119. For this option, since the delivery will be in your home, a signature is required.

Still, if you’re like me, there is a delivery and assembly service option for $199 that may be appealing. When I moved into a new apartment earlier last year, I ordered a dining table, dining chairs, a headboard, and a bed frame from Article, and wasn’t prepared for an afternoon of instruction manuals and stress, so I took advantage of the in-room and assembly service.

For this option, the deliverers will unbox and build all of the components of your order as you watch (or don’t, I was answering work emails). Because these team members are trained in putting these pieces together, the process is impressively quick. Then they take all of the boxes and packing materials with them, and you can just relax in your newly furnished space. 

Last note, I promise: For all of these options but particularly this last one, it’s important to measure your space and ensure that the items will fit through door frames, both in a box and as completed pieces of furniture. Thankfully, Article has instructions on doing that like a pro, too.

Are there any Article sales?

Article has a few sales during the year, especially around major shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you’ll find solid deals on its furniture.

Is Article furniture worth it?

Multiple editors here at Apartment Therapy, including myself, have several pieces from Article, so I would say yes, Article is worth it. The brand’s furniture is easy on the wallet, and even easier to browse and shop online. Now, which items are worth your attention? Let’s get into it.

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