Anticipating to the Colors of Summer

Today’s photos are from Lee:

The winter was a mellow one here in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State. Spring has been fairly warm but I can’t wait for some color! So, as a hold-over til things get rockin’ here, I’m posting some color from last year. I just need some color faster than what is presently happening. I can’t even wait for the tulips. Here’s some daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrids, Zone 4 – 9). As always, enjoy every day, every plant, every leaf, every flower.

A gorgeous dark, dark, daylily. Daylilies are generally carefree and easy to grow, but in hot, sunny climates, these very dark flowers can sometimes burn in the sun, and do best when they get a little shade in the afternoon.

close up of bright yellow daylily

Modern hybrid daylilies come in nearly ever color and pattern and texture imaginable… but sometimes a simple, clear, yellow like this is best.

close up of pale yellow daylilies

The one color daylilies don’t do well is white – but these soft pale yellow forms get close.

close up of pink daylilies with ruffled petals

Daylily blooms that look good enough to eat – cotton candy pink, with lightly ruffled petal edges.

close up of bright orange daylily

A classic, very old-fashioned daylily variety, Hemerocallis fulva ‘Flore Pleno’ (Zone 4 – 9). This is the double-flowered form of the classic orange daylily that thrives so easily it is sometimes called a “ditch lily.” Hard to find a perennial that is easier to grow and brings more bright color when it blooms.

close up of a red-orange lily covered in water droplets

Not a daylily at all, but actually a true lily (Genus Lilium). True lilies tend to be a little fussier than their daylily cousins, but the pay off in terms of color and often fragrance is so worth it.

close up of light pink and yellow daylily with very ruffled petals

Modern daylily breeding is pushing the flowers in ever more elaborate new directions. The petal margins on this one are intensely ruffled and ruched.

close up of deep purple and light pink daylily

Another ruffled flower, with one with a dramatic dark eye.

What summer flowers are you dreaming of in your garden?


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