A Holiday Cottage In A Picturesque Village

Step into the enchanting world of holiday cottage living with this sweet home tour. Nestled in the picturesque English countryside, this quaint cottage offers a retreat like no other. While I frequently feature luxurious homes (hello 20,000 square foot vacation home), I often find myself equally captivated by the charm of these cozy abodes.

I find that this holiday cottage in particular really displays the beauty of restraint and simplicity. I love that each corner tells a story, one that has been slowly collected over lifetimes and generations. Imagine curling up by the crackling fireplace with a good book or savouring a home cooked meal in the charming kitchen. How many others have done just that? Magic if you ask me.

The highlight, though, of course is the aluminium tub nestled in the yard. I’m convinced that it’s here that the real troubles melt away. Designed by Jolene Marshall and photographed by Mark Anthony Fox, take it all in below <3

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Design:  Jolene Marshall – Landed Projects | Photography: Mark Anthony Fox

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